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What is Reputation Intelligence?

Why Reputation Intelligence?


Your reputation is what you say about yourself and what others say about you. Managing your reputation is nothing new. Every business has been doing it for as long as businesses have existed. What's new is how the Internet and social applications have changed the way reputations spread. Remember the movie Outbreak? Remember how they kept asking, "How contagious is the virus?" and "Is the virus airborne?" For small and medium businesses today, reputation is airborne and contagious.

Why Us?

We've developed the most cost-effective and convenient reputation intelligence tool on the market. Just compare us with the other tools out there. The big difference is that our core audience is local businesses.

Our competitors charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for similar services. But because their focus is on national brands, they won't bring you the local consumer intelligence that you're looking for.

Save hundreds of dollars and get more relevant results.

Our competitors' products were designed to be used by big companies with big marketing departments. Consequently, you need an MBA to figure out how to use them. With Reputation Intelligence all you need to input is your business name and location and we'll do the rest. If you're comfortable wading into deeper waters, that option is there too.

A product anyone can use at a price anyone can afford.

There's no downside.